Advice Service

Entrants for the INNOVADORS ’12 Programme will have the use of a technical mentoring and assistance to help them draw up and improve their business plan.

The support programme includes:

  • TUTORING SERVICE – The voice of experience
    Tutors are businesspeople and executives mainly from Andorra. They provide knowledge and their experience on strategic planning. The tutor is free to bring advice or any input he may consider, the entrant is free to add or not such advises in his Business Plan.
  • VENTURE ACADEMY – A winning training
    Training on a joint basis from HEC and ESADE business schools. The programme is addressed to businesspeople and entrepreneurs who wish to draw up a strategic business plan for presentation to potential private and institutional investors.
  • TECHNICAL MENTORING FROM ADI – We open the door to growth
    Experts from ADI provide participants with technical assistance and help to convert great ideas into great businesses.
    The projects selected by the Jury will be accompanied by supporting the initial phase of the business. This service includes training and visits by individual experts from ESADE and HEC Paris. ADI launches this new service to enhance the success of new business initiatives in its initial phase.